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Rosario Arcade

What is Rosario Arcade

Rosario Arcade is the main area for going out with your friends or meet in Cagayan de Oro City. It is located in the Limketkai Center area on the east side of the city center.

Rosario Arcade has many restaurants and bars so it is the perfect place to eat out or have a drink with your friends. Of course it is also perfect to rest after doing shopping in Limketkai Mall.


As of March 2012 a lot of construction is going on at the Rosario Arcade in the Limketkai Center area. We're not sure what the end result will be, but of course we will update this page accordingly.

List of Restaurants

List of Coffee Shops


Some of the more well known restaurants in Rosario Arcade are:

Countryside Steakhouse

Countryside Steakhouse Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Country western type restaurant with good steaks and other food. The quality of thier Delmonte Beef is excellent, especially the Filet Mignon, the waiters are very attentive and the restaurant has a nice "Country Atmosphere" this is one of the best places to eat when in Cagayan de Oro City.


Gloriamaris Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Gloriamaris combines the delicious taste and a compelling mix of the best Chinese food and a pleasurable dining experience in one restaurant complete with remarkable store design and intimate services. This unique dining experience has captured the hearts of thousands of customers in all Gloriamaris stores in the Philippines.

Grand Caprice Restaurant

Grand Caprice Restaurant Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Grand Caprice Restaurant is a serving Filipino located at Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City, Cagayan de Oro City. Grand Caprice Restaurant is one of over 21 restaurants in Cagayan de Oro City and they have not updated their details on this website so please contact them directly on +63882727502 for more information. If you know more about this place than we do please edit these details so we can updated our website accordingly.

Green Haven

Green Heaven Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
This is both a vegetarian and Mongolian restaurant. The vegetarian dishes are very taste and the prices are excellent. There deserts are great. Very clean and good service. We ate there several times. Highly recommendated. They are located on the ground floor of a shopping center.

Kagay-Anon Restaurant

Kagay-Anon Restaurant Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
When you're in Cagayan de Oro and you would want to try local food, ask the taxi driver to drive you to Kagay-anon.. a famous Filipino restaurant located just beside the Limketkai Mall and the Site. Try their unique bouillabaise soup, baked tahong/mussels, pochero/beef, chicharon bulakak. really good! food price ranges from php100-php300. affordable especially when you're a group.

Pancake House

Pancake House Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Pancake House aims to become the restaurant of choice in their industry segment, with a strong reputation for international-quality products, customer oriented service, and exemplary corporate citizenship. They are more than just great pancakes.

Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Rai Rai Ken is a Japanese Restaurant that want to serve and delight Customers with truly delicious and satisfying Japanese meals at affordable prices; And to provide them with outstanding Quality Care within a nice and comfortable environment.

Ramen Tei

Ramen Tei Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
For connoisseurs of Japanese ramen, the 33 varieties served at this attractive modern restaurant should be enough. Sushi, sashimi and tempura dishes are all part of an extensive menu; the set meals are especially good value.


Shabu-Shabu Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Shabu-Shabu is in the second floor of Limketkai Mall. The place is amazing and they serve their food like its a picnic at your backyard. The restaurants ambiance doesn't really have that outdoor look but the way they cook or even grilled your food right on top of your table where you eat made me think that we are having a picnic. :D It definitely made your tummy full after you finishing your order which is ofcourse their specialty, the Shabu-Shabu.

Sunburst Fried Chicken

Sunburst Fried Chicken Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Sunburst, the restaurant which offers one of the best-tasting fried chicken will soon re-open their branch at Rosario Arcade in Limketkai Complex.

Coffee Shop

For coffee and the like you can go to:

Bo's Coffee Club

Bo's Coffee Club Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Bo's Coffee is a registreed trademark of the business anme of a chain of specialty coffee shops that serves espresso beverages, specialty coffee beverages and others, in an ambiance that has been created to cater to a lifestyle market with discriminating taste.

Coffee Works

Coffee Works Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Coffeeworks unveiled the newly renovated coffees shop that we Kagay-anon looked forward. Worry no more as the first Coffeworks is back with a refreshing look and an improved line up for their menu. Coffeworks is a Cagayan de Oro City home grown coffee shop owned by Ms. Roselle Paras.

Corner Café

Corner Café Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Corner Café in Limketkai Mall is a good place to have snacks. you will really surprised and excited to see this shop that sells all of your favorite local merienda - puto, suman, mantikilyang saging, etc.


Figaro Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
The ambience at Figaro Limketkai was nice and relaxing. They had soft, soothing music in the background and the staff members were fast and friendly. Pretty much the same thing you'd expect when you visit a Figaro coffee shop.

Le Crepe Café

Le Crepe Café Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City
Le Crepe Café is located at the Ground Floor, Limketkai Center, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City it is a Filipino Cuisine that serve Bread/Cake, Juice/Milk Tea and Pastries/Dessert.

Other restaurants and the like

Not really 'in' Rosario Arcade, but in the Limketkai Center area there are the following other venues:

  • Café Laguna, located within Mallberry Suites.
  • McDonalds, no need to explain what it is, on the east side of the mall;
  • Starbucks Coffee, also very well known, also on the east side.
  • Flamenco Café & Bar is not only café and bar, but also a very good restaurant.

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