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Limketkai Hotel

Limketkai Luxe Hotel

There is a reason why Limketkai Luxe Hotel has the word "luxe" in it's name and you know that the moment you enter and see the reception and the luxury stairs to the second floor.

Reception Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Naming of Limketkai Hotel

Limketkai Hotel is known under several names now. Of course the hotel of the Limketkai family, owners of Limketkai Center will be known under the name Limketkai Hotel, but over time there have been more names for the new hotel owned by the Limketkai family in the Gateway Towers:

Biggest and highest

Limketkai Hotel is probably the biggest, but certainly the highest hotel of Cagayan de Oro and probably also of Mindanao, Philippines. With this it is of course part of the venture of Cagayan de Oro to become the internet city of the world.

Limketkai Hotel under construction May 2012

Limketkai Hotel is a new venture of Limketkai Center and will be connected to the mall with a sky walkway, so we expect it to be a very popular hotel for any traveler visiting Cagayan de Oro City.

Book Limketkai Luxe online

Book Limketkai Luxe online


Limketkaihotel.com is currently promoting the following restaurant: Flamenco Café & Bar.

New venture of Limketkai

Limketkai Center has the biggest mall in Cagayan de Oro City and for quite some time has been expanding and expanding mainly as a mall.

Recently the Limketkai Group is venturing in a new direction by building some big towers in Cagayan de Oro City, the biggest in Mindanao. Part of these towers will be used as a hotel: Limketkai Hotel or Hotel Limketkai. The final name we don't know yet, but will be published here if we know it.

Hotel Limketkai

As far as we know the Limketkai Hotel will consist fo two towers, tower 1 and tower 2. Tower 1 will be 19 storeys high and have 100 rooms and 2 restaurants. There will also be a private spa and health club.

Tower 2 will be much higher and will have 36 storeys and a roof height of 523 ft. It will be the highest building of Cagayan de Oro and even of Mindanao. The tower will have 220 rooms and will have a 60 foot outdoor switmming pool.

And people are often looking for hotels in the Limketkai area.

Current accommodation near Limketkai Center

If you are looking for hotel accommodation near Limketkai Center of course you cannot stay yet in Limketkai Hotel as it has not opened yet.

Current hotels near Limketkai Center are:

Artist impression

Below an artist impression of the new Limketkai Hotel:

Artist impression Limketkai Hotel

You can clearly see the two towers of the new building on the left. The whole Gateway Tower project consists of three towers, including the smaller on the right.

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